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15 DEC

Lea Ann

My name is Lea Ann, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, who celebrates recovery from a methamphetamine addiction, and currently struggles with co-dependency, guilt and the repercussions of my addiction with regards to my relationship with my family. Recently, I had the privilege of being able to attend a Celebrate Recovery One Day. To many, that may not seem too big of a deal, but it was…you see, I am currently incarcerated, and have been for the past four years. Being able to attend was amazing, but even more amazing, was being able to share at the One Day “Inside” Lunch. I was first introduced to CR Inside at a women’s minimum security prison here in Oklahoma, where I started a step study. I was then transferred to a lower security facility where Inside volunteers pick us up, and transport us to CR meetings on the “outside”. It was there that the real “me” was brought back. I had been incarcerated two times in the past, and walked out with nothing. The third time has been what changed my life. Thanks to the CR Inside team, I now have a home church and also have become a CR leader at both CR groups I attend. Jesus was waiting for me…all I had to do was let Him in. Speaking at the luncheon made me realize that I am making a difference; I felt like it was where I belonged. I can’t wait for another chance to share…the feeling I had afterwards was indescribable. It felt so good to know that what I have been doing is what Jesus was waiting on me to open my heart to do. I know in my heart that Jesus Christ and Celebrate Recovery are what were missing from my life, and I have them both now. Thank you CRI.
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“After being sexually abused as a child, I grew up believing I was unforgivable by a God I didn't really know. I attempted to cover the pain of my past with alcohol & drugs, but it only led me further into darkness. After serving a tour in Iraq, I lost my eye in a work accident and was introduced to pain medication. It was through a nightmarish experience with Fentanyl that I finally hit bottom. I was introduced to Celebrate Recovery, and that when everything changed! I learned who God is- that He loves me, and sent His Son to bring me healing and forgiveness! I know today that I am loved by my Heavenly Father. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, who struggles with chemical dependency, PTSD & sexual abuse and my name is Aaron. Thanks for letting me share!
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11 JUN


My name is Tyler and I am a believer who struggles with addictive behaviors. I grew up in a Christian family and we were church goers for all things church. Youth groups, Weds night dinners and teachings and of course Church retreats. I have no excuse for falling away as I did and spending 23 years in active addiction. I was and athlete and played all sports and lettered in 2 varsity sports in High School. I liked the attention it gave me. I also was an attention seeker. I still struggle with that. One of the things it led me to was following a crowd of people I thought was cool. They were also rebels and at that time called Hippies! Weed was the main thing they used to get high and I tried it. It led to other things to experiment with and I did. I eventually went to college and found a different and easier to obtain drug in alcohol. It led me to being arrested and nearly kicked out of school. I did however graduate and then moved to a sales job where money was decent, and drugs were easier to get. I fell in to that crowd again. I was a successful salesman for many years. The drugs finally took over my life and it led me to losing everything I had. As I look back, losing everything is what I truly needed to become the man I am now...broken and pieced back together with the help of Jesus and recovery. Recovery led me to Christ, and worship, and a lifestyle that is so much more fulfilling than hiding from the law and living in the dark with no hope or money to turn on the lights. Discovering Celebrate Recovery in 2004 gives me a gratitude for a program that has allowed me to find true freedom! I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me! I can and do walk with Him each day in freedom from addiction and many of the hurts and habits that kept me from knowing him and what love really is.” Thanks for letting me share.
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11 JUN

Christine a Volunteer

My message today is “Do not be discouraged” when things go wrong in your life. It won’t go on forever. We have to learn to roll with the punches of life. We have to rely on our Lord to take care of us in the tough times. I am the first to admit that sometimes it is hard to remember this as I go about trying to handle my problems all alone but in the end I always rely on Him. From the first mention of my taking Celebrate Recovery to the women at the jail, Satan has haunted my footsteps at every turn. I have had to keep reminding myself that this is an assignment from my Lord and Saviour “and I will not be denied.” All sorts of things came barrelling into my life. On and on I trudged, keeping the faith all the time and telling myself, “this too, shall pass.” But by the time I overcame one thing, here came another. If I had had less faith I would have given up and never gone into the jail again. But I am convinced this is my purpose in life and I will not let anything deter my efforts, no matter how fast and furious they are thrown at me. My Lord’s work is more important than anything else. I have learned that the more you try to follow the Lord, the more obstacles are thrown in your path, some by accident, some intentional. It’s all the same. One more challenge to overcome. I know my Lord watches over me and will not let me be overcome. If not, I would have given up a long time ago but my faith keeps me going and it will keep you going if you just remember that He has promised never to leave us. He is our best friend in times of grieving and troubles. I had them both at the same time and it would have been easy to have raised the white flag but the love of my Lord and the remembered love of my family kept me putting one foot before the other down the path I had set out for myself, the one I was divinely appointed to.
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11 JUN


After spending many years in a vicious cycle of drug addiction, domestic violence and self harm, in which I thought I could never be free from, I was introduced to Celebrate Recovery and my life was changed forever!! I turned my life over to the Lord and began the most amazing process of healing and forgiveness, to myself and others. Through Celebrate Recovery and Jesus Christ I have been set free! I am being lead into a life of ministry to share my journey with others and encourage people that there is a way out of those vicious cycles!!! The Chains of my past have been broken and yours can be too!! I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who celebrates recovery over drug addiction, domestic violence and I struggle with codependency and anxiety, My name is Christina. Thanks for letting me share how the amazing power of Jesus Christ and Celebrate Recovery saved a wretch like me!!
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28 AUG


I am grateful to participate in the 2nd Chance - CRI program. As a young man, I have been misled and failed in society, because I could not cope with life's disappointments. You helped me to get on track with God in my life and my family. We all fall short of God's glory. Without Christ as our guide, we try to do it all ourselves, without seeking God's help, but that is the wrong way. CRI lessons show that God as our priority is the right way. Thank God there are faith-based counselors to help me deal with substance abuse, parenting issues, anger management and domestic violence. I have tried everything else, and it is time to let go and let God. Through this program, God reconstructed my life and marriage and restored my walk with Christ. I thank God for the heaven-sent teachers so devoted to this recovery program. They rely on God's Word and faith to guide the class to continue our walk with Christ. Rom. 12:1. 'Therefore, I urge you brethern in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual acgt of worship.' Thank you for my second chance. God Bless.

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